DSC_0147If you’re from Juneau or ever visited, you know that there are endless amounts of hiking trails. You can find a hike to the beach, to the top of a mountain, or even to the ice caves. However, if you looking for the ultimate view of Juneau, Douglas and what’s beyond; I have the perfect hike for you. 

Hidden on the south end of Douglas Island is the trail head to Mt. Bradley or otherwise known as Mt. Jumbo. Without word from locals, you would have never known the trailhead is there as it is tucked away on a street full of houses. Luckily, you can usually find a parking space on the street and head onto the trail.

DSC_0191The hike starts straight into the forest full of florescent greenery, waterfalls and bridges over beautiful streams. Soon after, the forest opens into a swampy field and the dirt trail turns into a small boardwalk to protect your feet from water. After the boardwalk, it is the beginning to the hardest part of the hike. You begin to climb up the mountain which eventually leads to a steep hike to the summit. Once you’ve reached the top you get a beautiful 360 view of downtown Juneau, miles of Mountains, the bottom of Douglas and the other side of Douglas Island. The view makes you feel on top of the world. 

The best time to hike Mt. Jumbo is at the end of June to the beginning of July. At this time, the snow is mostly melted and the plants and flowers are in full bloom. Also, a sunny day is preferable but those are not too common here in Juneau! Either way, a clearer day is best to see all of the views. Although, this hike is a favorite of locals and includes incredible views, it is not for everyone. The entire trip from start to summit is approximately 3 miles round trip and can take up to 6 hours depending on your skill level. However, going half way and turning around is worth the mid-point views as well. I hope you find yourself at the top of Mt. Jumbo one day!