DSC_0570When the rain finally decides to take a break and the sun comes out,  you will be sure to find the locals of Juneau enjoying the outdoors. With such scenery and landscape, Juneau offers an unlimited amount of things to do. As most people expect hiking, fishing or skiing, some are surprised there is also a small amount rock climbing in Juneau.

Located on the opposite end of downtown, you can find the "Sea Cliffs", a hidden gem to the rock climbers of Juneau. Based right on the water, this location is frequently sought out by those who know about it. While climbing these routes, it is more than an excellent rock climbing adventure as it typically doubles as a whale watching tour. With such beauty and unique surroundings, many who climb the Sea Cliffs are regulars who have the routes memorized.

If you are into rock climbing and have enough time here in Juneau, be sure to ask the locals about the Sea Cliffs. The views and climbing routes will not disappoint.