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Here at Alaska Zipline Adventures our guests are at the heart of our adventure business. With every person we strap into a harness and send flying across the cable into the trees, we strive to exceed their expectations in every way. Our guests experience the Alaska wilderness from a truly unique perspective - high in the treetops, surrounded by towering old growth forest and feeling the crisp mountain breeze! The friendly guides and staff add a personal touch to every tour by sharing their love and passion for the outdoors and Juneau, all while helping our guests have fun and create lasting memories with their family and friends. It is our hope that every guest has a one-of-a-kind experience they will never forget!

Alaska zipline adventures is locally owned and operated in juneau

Alaska Zipline Adventures is locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Gin and Davy Anderson, who are dedicated to providing a quality tour experience to their guests, creating a positive work environment for their staff and finding ways to give back to their community and hometown. They are very involved in the day-to-day so you might find them on the dock greeting you with a warm smile or getting you clipped in for your next zip. We're celebrating 12 years of zipping folks through the trees! 

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Eco-friendly zipping in America's temperate rainforest

Spanning across Southeast Alaska into the Pacific Northwest the Tongass is not only the largest National Forest in the country but the largest temperate rainforest in the world and contains some of the most pristine wilderness you'll ever find. The coastal climate and abudant rainfall nourish the rich plant and animal life found there. This is truly a special place and the rugged landscape provides an unparalleled backdrop for a zipline adventure. Be inspired as you zip-zag through mighty ancient Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlocks with rushing streams and thick wetlands below. During the planning process for the zipline course protecting the forest and area was important when building. The layout of the zipline navigates through the land to follow the natural streamline so few trees were cut down.

Most of the equipment was pulled in on sleds by hand and the cables were secured and structures built over snowpack during the winter to preserve the fragile vegetation. In remote areas helicopters are often used to drop supplies but this tour was built with good old fashion blood, sweat and tears! Some recycled materials were used on the platforms and designed as enclosed treehouses which serve as lookouts to enjoy the scenery. We have been committed from the beginning to being an eco-conscious company and operating in a sustainable manner. We have been Eco-Certified through Sustainable Travel International since 2010.

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