Austin n/a


Operations Manager

Hey everyone! My name is Austin Andrew! I am originally from California but have lived all over the country, dirt-bagging from Oregon to Colorado and now I've found myself in Alaska. I love this beautiful country and exploring everything it has to offer. I am excited to continue my adventure with a second summer at AZA. I love just about everything outdoors. I have spent my life hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, mountain biking and just about anything outdoors you can think of. I recently finished up studying Outdoor Adventure Leadership at Southern Oregon University (I studied having fun in the wilderness!) I listen to every genre of music and I am not afraid to embarrass myself with some insane dance moves. I have found myself spending my days chasing adventures and enjoying the greatest resource this country holds, it's wild spaces. I hope you all are ready for our fabulously fun tour and staff. I am stoked to be part of the management team up here at AZA and looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful people that are headed this way for an amazing trip through the trees!

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